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How to Convert Youtube to MP3

You can't directly download a file from YouTube and save it on your hard drive, or email it as an attachment, or anything else. Many people would like to do these things and so, of course, helpful programmers have developed applications that let you capture YouTube content. That process involves converting YouTube audio content to MP3 format.  There are also websites that offer the same service which we will talk about later.

What you see and hear on YouTube is in Shockwave format (FLV), a type of multimedia designed for streaming playback over the Internet. Shockwave files normally cannot be downloaded and played on your computer. So in order to do so you have to convert the stream of Shockwave data into some other file format. MP3 is the standard format for audio files.

Why would you want to do that? Well suppose you found a video on Youtube with a really cool soundtrack, and you wanted to download just the music, without the video. A Youtube to MP3 converter pulls in the Shockwave data, sucks out the audio portion, and saves it as an MP3 file that can be played on your computer, MP3 player or mobile phone. Might even be handy as a ringtone…

Well there are quite a few websites that you can go to and paste a link of the video in and convert it online.  This works great if there is a one off song you want or a bit of music you need.  The only problem with most of these conversion web sites is that it is often time consuming as you are depending on the speed of the websites server to do the converting which can be slow at the best of times! You are also limited to what ever quality the site converts it to.  A quick web search will list these sites, there is too many to list here!

If you are an avid user of Youtube or any other of the popular video hosting web sites and want to frequently convert or save video then you may find a Video2mp3 conversion program is just what you've been searching for.  The programs we recommend work very fast and efficiently and also let you choose the quality and format to which you wish to convert the video to. 
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